The abundance of mountain peaks, canyons, valleys, thick woods, viewpoints, eco and ethno villages, summer pastures, makes the Piva region ideal for mountain cycling.

Piva region ideal for mountain cycling.

Cycling is a recreation, sport and way of movement by using a bicycle, a popular means of transport in the drive. Because of the relatively inexpensive preparation and availability, that is today the most widespread means of transport. It is assumed that in the world today there are over one billion bicycles.

Due to the fact that in comparison to other conventional means of transportation (eg. By car) far less dangerous to the environment pollution, but also a very positive effect on the health of people who ride bikes, many cities and tourist resorts provide different cycling infrastructure that facilitates driving: separate bike paths, arranged and marked mountain trails, special places for bikes, parts of the city or tourist village which can be reached only by bicycle or on foot, etc.

Mountain biking is a sport that belongs to the group of extreme sports. This is a sport that engages with swimming greatest number of muscles and muscle groups of the body. Mountain biking is a sport in which the bike ride through the so-called. ,, Off - road -a "or pathways such as forests, hills, mountains, vehicular roads, parks, meadow ...

Rich mountains, canyons, valleys, dense forests, scenic views, eco and ethno villages, summer pastures, Brewer is the ideal place for mountain biking. Tourist Organization Plužine in cooperation with cycling club ,, Perun "from Niksic, during the summer tourist season organizes cycling races.

There are also two bike tours through the Piva, whose paths are properly marked. The first tour starts from Crkvicko fields, located at an altitude of 1,110 m. which includes accommodation capacity of 60 beds (eco-village "Yugoslavia - 20," Memorial Home "- 40), and it is the right place for those who like to enjoy nature and mountain biking. The length of a circular track in the village of 5,600 m.Vožnja over the gravel and meadow paths will lead you to the viewpoint of the canyon, with beautiful views of the clean mountain beauty, river Tara. from Crkvicko Fields cycling can refer to Zabljak through to Trse, 22 km. at Trsi there is ethno village " Milogora "which has a standard bed-bike. From Trse to the village Nedajno be reached in Susica canyon and Susica lake when there is a mountain lodge. on this route there signs for cyclists, since it is 0 TT4 track, which is included in the national program of bicycle paths. With Trse in Plužine reached by asphalt road, which is located on the edge of the canyon.

Another variant of the cycling tours leaving at Trse, and villages Boričje, Seljkovac, Dubljevići, Bezuje, then descend into the canyon Komarnica, crossing the bridge on Đatlu, but the climb to village ,, Exodus ", located in the village of Rudinice. From Rudinica the old road Plužine - Nikšić through Bajovo field, it can reach up to Brezana, where the eco and ethno villages. From Brezana the eastern slope of the mountain prominent, forest roads can reach Gorski, and then through the village Smriječno comes to the saddle Straight, offering a beautiful view of Gacko. The descent leads into Plužine, in addition sleeve Piva lake, a distance of 15 krn. From Smrijecno to Plužina is necessary to monitor signaling (track TT4), while roads through the mountain Golija not been investigated and is required to guide. Surrounded by beech and pine these roads provide every cyclist enjoyment unexplored and contact with untouched, wild beauty.

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