Jeep safari- challenge that you should not miss

Nature Park "Piva" with its untouched nature provides excellent conditions for this kind of tourism offer. If you opt for this kind of enjoyment in our Park, you can expect extraordinary beauty and elegance of wild and preserved nature. The fresh mountain air near the highest peaks of Durmitor, the beauty of mountain lakes, canyons, rivers, will convince you to truly fall in love with the landscapes ... Jeep safari in these areas is a challenge that you should not miss.

Route 1. : Plužine- Šćepan Polje (rafting center, The rivers Piva and Tara, Čokovo spring, old wire bridge across the Piva River) –Monastery on Zagrađe- Crkvičko Polje (Spomen Dom, viewpoint Soko, The Tara canyon, forest complex Borje) - Sokolina viewpoint- Baucau viewpoint – viewpoint Odrag-Sušica (canyon Sušica, Sušičko Lake) -Trsa (Reef Milogora, Eko village "Milogora", Eco village "Durmitor") – Kruška viewpoint- Plužine;

Route 2.:Durmitorski prsten Plužine –Trsa (Reef Milogora, Eko village „Milogora“, Eko village „Durmitor“)-Pišče (farm, necropolis) - Todorev Do (Prutaš) – Žabljak – Ćurevac viewpoint - Mala Crna Gora – Nedajno(tourist household)-Trsa (Reef Milogora, Eko village „Milogora“, Eko village „Durmitor“) –Plužine;

Route 3.: Plužine-Boričje (spring „Sopot“)- Boričko brdo (viewpoint)-Seljkovac-Borkovići (viewpoint)- Dubljevići (viewpoint)-Bezuje (viewpoint) – Rudinice (Etno village „Izlazak“, Bajo Pivljaninin monument)-Seljani-Piva Monastery (16th century)-Goransko ( restaurant „Pivsko oko“, Tower of Lazar Sočica)- Smriječno- Muratovica (monument, viewpoint)- Orah (the oldest church)-Stabna (Stabanska lakes, waterfall on the Vrbnica River- town of Herceg Šćepan /Taban grad-the River Vrbnica – Plužine;

4. Off-road route: Plužine-Unač (viewpoint, necropolis)- Unač(repetitor)-Sumorova gora (rainforest)-Sumorovo ždrijelo(viewpoint) - Barni do (viewpoint)-Jerinići – Babići (viewpoint)-Crkvičko Polje(Spomen dom, viewpoint Soko, the Tara Canyon, forest complex Borje) - Monastery on Zagrađe- Hidro power plant „Piva“ – Mratinje(Mratinjski stream)-Vučevo (viewpoint)-Plužine;

Upon your request, and in accordance with our abilities, we organize other Jeep-safari tours , according to places that you choose.

Come, experience the adventure!

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