In the area of Piva has several lakes: Trnovačko, Stabanjska and Škrčko that tourists visit, as happy rafters Tarom.

Stabanska Jezera Lakes represent outstanding tourist attraction!

Stabanska lakes (Big and Small), got their names from village called Stabna from which they are 4, 5 away. Big Stabansko Lake is situated at 1.319 m above sea level and Small StabanskoLake is situated at 1.194 m. The easiest access to lakes is from Pluzine taking a path up the Vrbnica River and Stabanski Stream. Big Stabansko Lake is 305 m long and Small Stabansko Lake is 165 m long during the summer water level. The colour of the lakes is greenish with lighter undertones in the coastal parts and darker in the central one. Unlike Big Stabansko Lake, the colour of Small Stabansko Lake is yellowish-green. This colour comes from the colour of muddy bottom and it is characteristic during summer months.

Piva Lake - the largest reservoir of fresh water!

Piva Lake is an artificial lake created by the construction of Hydro Power Plant "Piva" in 1975. There is a dam, near village Mratinje 10 kilometers from Scepan Polje, which is 220 meters high and it is one of the highest in Europe. The lake itself is deep at some places more than 200 meters, and 45 kilometers long. Piva Lake represents the largest reservoir of fresh water and it has fantastic conditions for doing sports activities. It is especially attractive for fishing and sightseeing residual details of the submerged canyon of the Piva River.

&Skrcka Lakes with their environment represents fabulous tourist attraction!

&Skrcka Lakes (Big and Small) belong to the highest hydrographic facilities in Durmitor. Big Skrcko Lake lies at 1.700 meters above sea level and elevation of Small Skrcko Lake 1.730 meters . They are situated in a wide cirque between Prutas, Sareni Pasovi, Bobotov Kuk and Soj. This cirque is closed on three sides and the lakes are almost inaccessible. The lakes can be reached from Zabljak over Alisnica, near Bobotov Kuk i Samar. This route is very hard and it can be conquered in 5 to 6 hours of hiking. The other approach is from Poscenski region, taking a road leading to Trsa. Up to the Stit you can use terrain vehicles and then you walk to Sareni Pasovi. Ascent and descent into the cirque of Skrcka Lakes take one hour. The water of Skrcka Lakes, which is spilling over the edge of cirque and running approx surface by its one part, quickly disappears into places which are showered by ruinous blocks. After peculiar underground stream, it appears as powerful source in the stretch of Skakala. In summer there emerges a powerful flow of the river Susica which, within its middle flow, forms a basin of the same called lake and surface flows towards the Tara River. The Colour of the water of both lakes is greenish and therefore Big Skrcko Lake is a "Green Lake".

Check it out why Trnovacko Lake has been visited so many times so far although it takes more than 5 hours of hard walking to get to it

Trnovacko Lake is located in the extreme western part of Montenegro, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can reach the lake by taking forest path from Tjentiste over Dragos Sedlo, upper flow of Perucica and pasture on Prijevor. From that point, taking a path through the dry lake, you can get to lake in 1, 5 hours of walking. From Pluzine to Trnovacko Lake there is a path up the Vrbnica River and near Stabanska Lakes. Due to difficult ascent and exhausting path from Pluzine ,the lake can be reached in 5-6 hours of walking. Trnovacko Lake lies at 1,517 m above sea level. This lake is 825 m long and 715 meters wide. Over the shallow western part of the lake water is clear and colorless in its thin layer. The depth of water towards the east is more intense greenish.

Susicko Lake

Susicko Lake is the only periodic lake in Durmitor. It is situated in the wider part of Susica valley at 1.140 meters above sea level. You can get to lake from Zabljak, by carriage road from Trsa. This road separates a path to Skrcka Lakes and then reaching Dolovi and Skakala you are on lake. You can reach lake if you go to villages Bosaca and Veliki Stuoc. Susičko Lake is 350 to 450 meters long and its maximum width is 200 meters. Lake depth is 4 to 5 meters.

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