Camping in the nature park ``Piva``

The Camp "Brijeg"

The Camp "Brijeg" is located at the sixth kilometer of the Scepan Polje- Brstanovica road. The Camp is open from May to October. It comprises bungalows and tents. Rafting is organised as one-day or multi-day tours. The rafting tour is from Brstanovica to Scepan Polje. Food is provided (breakfast and lunch).

Tel: +382(69)013320 ; +382 69 769 234

Camp "Grab"

The Tara River, European jewel, part of the world natural heritage under UNESCO protection. The longest river in Montenegro (144 km). The largest reservoir of fresh water in Europe. Impressive canyon, deep up to 1300 m. They call it the Colorado of the Old Continent. Flora and fauna abundance.

- one or more days rafting, with transportation provided to any destination - arrangements for kayakers - Excursions: Durmitor, Pivska Mountain, Piva Lake (cruising), Crkvicko Polje, the Komarnica River canyon... Equipment provided for the participants: protective suits, helmets, special shoes, life jackets.. Experienced rafters, well acquainted with the river, at any time guarantee your safety. Personal clothing during rafting: shorts, bathing suit, t-shirt.

After rafting: tracksuit, trainers, socks, cap... During the colder days and more-days tours: jumper, jacket... CAMP: Area: Two parcels (4000 and 8000 square meters) in the heart of oak and beech forests over the river. Electricity provided. There is spring water (pipelines) as well as full sanitary facilities (toilet).
Tel: +382 40 200 598

Camp "Green"

The Camp "Green" is situated at the foot of beech and oak forests in the Tara River canyon at the place of untouched nature, natural springs and health food so we have an impression that the nature itself left this place for relaxation and enjoyment. The area amounts to 26.000 square meters. The Camp has the apartments with bathrooms, rastaurant, cuisine, mountain lodge and a mini shooting ground. There are 60 beds in the apartments divided into four , three and two - bedded rooms. National dishes, live music, fun till morning...
Tel./Fax: +382 40 214 755
Mob.: +382 69 969 979

Visit the camp "Sastavci"

The camp is settled at the mouth of the rivers Tara and Piva where Drina begins. Embraced by the rivers and abundance of natural beauties you simply stay breathless. Everything is extremely beautiful and there is a spring of positive energy that takes you to ecstasy. By its one part the prefabricated restaurant "sails into" the Tara River, without disturbing natural harmony of the environment .Bungalows are at the distance of couple of meters from the Tara River and are fully equipped for pleasant stay in nature.

The camp has the following accommodation facilities: - restaurant part - 140 seats - bungalows - 90 places - sanitary facilities: toilet - 10 pieces, showers 14 pieces ( 8 with hot water) Meals are prepared according to recipes older than 100 years – only under the iron pan. The camp organizes: -rafting on the Tara and Drina River ( one-day or multi-days programmes ) - visit to national parks "Durmitor" and "Sutjeska" - boat ride on Piva Lake - hiking Zelengora - jeep safari In order to understand this itinerary we recommend you to come here and enjoy fabulous beauty of these mountains, lakes, canyons and flowering meadows.
Tel: +382 (69) 206 311

Camp "Modra rijeka"

Imagine a place where the roar of mountain river and twittering of birds awake you at dawn and the fantastic silence of the wild beauty soothes you at dusk...

At 300 meters from the joint place with the Tara River, along the right bank of the Piva River in the outstanding ambient of Scepan Polje there is tourist place “Modra rijeka".

The houses are made of wood with beautiful terraces overlooking the river intended for enjoyment of you, your family and friends. There are the bathrooms in the rooms with modern equipment so they provide conditions for staying not only for summer tourist season. Capacity is about 50 beds.

The restaurant is built in accordance with the natural environment. There is magnificent view on the clear Piva River and its mountain springs.

So, if you want to enjoy in nature, if you like walking, cycling, fishing or hiking "Modra rijeka" is your right choice and place where you will always come back.
Tel: +382 69 027 154

Camp "Tara tour"

It is our pleasure to invite you to raft through the canyon of the Tara River. It belongs to God, then to us! We have had the greatest experience regarding this business so if you trust us we will provide safety and enjoyment .Rafting starts in Brstanovica and finishes in Scepan Polje. Those are the last 18 km before it meets the Piva River. There are about twenty whirlpools. Whirlpools, whirlpools and nothing but whirlpools! We have cared for you and the Tara River for 14 years. We do not look back, we look forward!
Tel: +382 (69) 086 106

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