• Folk ensemble ``Piva`` as a promoter of the tradition, customs and cultural heritage of Plužine

Folk ensemble “Piva”

Folk ensemble ``Piva`` was established in 1994 with the aim of exploring the cultural treasures of folk customs and at the same time to process , style the stage and present it . For more than two decades of work with great success, Folk ensemble ``Piva`` developed and promoted the tradition, customs and cultural heritage of Piva and Old Herzegovina. Through the folk ensemble, singing groups, sections for gusle and dvojenice, Folk ensemble ``Piva`` preserves and nurtures specialty practices, games, epic poetry and singing of the old Serbs. Folk ensemble ``Piva`` won numerous prizes and awards, the most important of which are: - the award for the best documentary film ``Pivska svadba`` in Prohor Pcinjski in 1997 - Award for the best documentary film ``Božić u Pivi`` in Belgrade in 1998 - First place for choreography and stage show ``Pivska svadba`` in Teslic at the festival of all-Serb source of creativity in 2002 - First place in singing gange in Herzegovina in Gacko in 2000 - First place at the festival ``Staro pjevanje Srba`` in East Sarajevo in 2009 - Second place in the category of male singing groups at the festival in Novo Gorazde in 2012 - First place for artistic impression on stage Djurdjevdan folklore festival in East Sarajevo in 2013 -First place at the ``Selu u pohode`` in the category of male singing groups in Ivanjica in 2014 –Second place at the festival ``Zlatni opanak`` in Valjevo in 2014 and many other awards in the region . Members of Folk ensemble ``Piva`` were repeatedly champions of championships of guslara in the republic and state competitions. In 2012 male singing group published audio CD with original songs `` Pivo vodo pjesmo razonodo ``, which was promoted with great success and evaluated by an ethnomusicologists as a very valuable achievement in the field of preservation of the old singing. Folk ensemble gathers about 80 active members who are preparing for performances both at the Center for Culture who is also the founder of the company. Quality choreography, specialty and originality make this folk ensemble unique, because it is really nowhere else can be seen performing old games .

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