Our Team

Nature Park "Piva" has 8 permanent employees as follows:

Slobodan Delic - director,

Marija Bakrač - responsible officer for tourism, rural development and project management,

Petar Ćalasan - officer responsible for tourism, rural development and project management,

5 guardians :Dragan Pantović, Miljan Grubač, Ivan Krunic, Vladimir Ćalasan and Radosav Pantović who perform physical protection of resources of the Nature park and maintain internal order and the protection regime prescribed , participating in the quantitative monitoring of fauna, their saves and protection, charge the prescribed fees and penalties , participate in infrastructure maintenance of the Park, hiking and educational trails and other landscaped areas , participate in installment of advertising boards and signs in the park, take into account the safety of visitors, participate in the actions of search and rescue, etc.,

There is also one employee in charge of accounting tasks – Ivana Pervanović.

During the summer there are also 4 workers responsible for payment of fees: two workers on the Tara River, one on Trnovacko Lake and one on Stabanska lakes, and another worker is employed in the info center in Plužine.

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