Piva before

Recent Piva history and its economic development undoubtedly has two phases.


Recent Piva history and its economic development undoubtedly has two phases. The first one is the period of the last century before the establishment of the artificial lake for needs of the Hydro Power Plant "PIVA"; and the flooding of the canyons of Piva, Komarnica and Vrbnica.The second one is the period after 1975 when the Hydro Power Plant "PIVA"; started working and consequently a part of the territory of the town was permanently submerged by the Piva Lake.

Piva Canyon

The Piva Canyon is one of the most picturesque and attractive canyons in the region. A gravel road passed the canyon from Niksic to Pluzine and many fishing fans used to come in order to experience the charm of fishing for the famous trout from the River.

Pivsko oko

Pivsko oko is a symbolic name for a source of the small river Sinjac, which together with Komarnica create the Piva River. Rapids, whirlpools, fertile riverbanks, the surrounding rocks, rich flora and fauna made this river special.

The Piva Monastery

Piva monastery was built in the 16th century not far downstream from the Pivsko oko, near the beautiful surroundings of the river. After the decision on the construction of Hydro Power Plant "PIVA"; the Piva Monastery had to be relocated. With the involvement of local and international experts in conservation and restoration of cultural properties the unique undertaking of relocating an entire monastery stone by stone was successfully completed.

Stare Plužine

Old Pluzine was located at one of the most accessible parts of the canyon, in the basin of clear mountain rivers of Vrbnica and Piva. This was an administrative and geographic center of the Municipality.

Benat on the Vrbnici

One of the most beautiful natural waterfalls on the Vrbnica River known as Benat.

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