Durmitor, Maglić, Bioč, Volujak i Vlasulja mountains with their beauty will leave you breathless.


Durmitor is the most beautiful mountain in Montenegro. Morphological most interesting mountainous sections. On a relatively small area, powerful tectonic activity and erosion, river and glacier created mountainous world fantastičkih oblika.Oštri peaks, resembling alpine needles (Minin Bogaz, teeth, Sohe), and then others as massive domes, or foreign šarijažom chopped to "rods" (Prutaš, colorful belts), or notched vertically (Savin kuk, Sljeme), uniquely dressed (Međed), brightly colored (red beam), or those three: the saddle (saddle beam), twisted (Uvita greda ), round (Obla glava), lonely (a stake), and many more: ornate, scary, bright and dark, miniatures and giants, all of them together, in the area that can be a good hiker, all legs, the tour for one day. With the peaks and their loyal companions, mostly glacial cirques troughs (Corrugated, Kalica, Ališnica, Škrk), press the snow drifts in the middle of summer, glowing, graphic, clear. Some of them, in the lower regions (Good to), the incomparable mountain pasture. Krajina enrich the freshness and color of numerous lakes, without exception glacial origin, very special in a large, deep pool surrounded by jungle sawmills (Black Lake), in the bottom of the circus surrounded by high cliffs over 400 m (Škrčka lakes), ice-bound until mid-summer (Greens Whirlpool, Blue Lake) or ujuljkana usrednepreglednih meadows (Devil's Lake, Fish Lake). Contribute to the overall excellence of the landscape, not a little, canyons rim Wide Area Network (Tara and Piva), and in the heart of mountains (waves and canyon Sušice). One side of the canyon, carved in limestone, height and up to 1,500 m (area of ​​the Great Štuoc), unrivaled in Europe, a little similar in the whole svijetu.Živopisna settlements in podgorine planinei unselfish, noble and brave Highlander, unbreakable freedom fighter, rounded a handful of rich features of this unique region. The highest peaks of Durmitor: Prutaš, colorful belts, Sedlena beams, beams Uvita, Minin bogaz, Bandijerna, Šljeme, Savin kuk, Međed, Rbatina, Obla head, Planinica, Suva rtina, red beams, and a bunch of Pašina Štuoc. The peaks of the western part of Durmitor: Prutaš, colorful belts, Sedlena beams, beams Uvita, Vjetrena hills, Ranisava, more and Lojanik belong to entirely different geological formation.

Bobotov kuk (2.523 m)

Bobotov kuk is the highest peak on Durmitor. Climb to the top of the mountain is not just a trophy enterprise visitors, but also an impressive knowledge and experience of the diversity of the mountain relief as a result of intensive glacial, even preglacijalne, erosion. This is especially true for the ascent on the north side, from Zabljak.

Prutaš (2.393 m)

Prutaš an extraordinary summit, not only in comparison with the neighboring peaks of Durmitor, but also beyond, to the territory of Montenegro. It boasts a mild ridge lines, green mountain sides, magnificent pieces of layers "Prut", after which it was named, raised vertical cliff layers, but also the typical "hard rock". Its projection on the north side, Gruda (2,302 m) attracted seventy years ago the first climbers on Durmitor. Its cascade of rocks northern reaches to the bottom of the initial portion of the canyon Sušice. In addition to these other qualities, Prutaš the most valuable vantage point of the majestic arc barrier škrčkog glacial circus. If a peak in our mountains can be synonymous with a pleasant climb and enjoying a magical visokogorskoj in the middle, then it is certainly Prutaš.

Mountainous Group: Maglić, Bioč, Volujak and Vlasulja

In the northwestern part of the territory of Montenegro are four mountains that do not have a common name, although they make a unique geomorphological and geological unit with the center of the group in the area Trnovacko lake. These are Maglić, Bioč, Volujak and wig. The highest peak of the group's Big Vitao (2,396 m) on Bioče, the nebula is to Veliki Maglić (2,386 m), the wig is highest peak Volujak (2,336 m) and on to the mountain Volujak Studenac (2,296 m). The whole area of ​​the mountains is limited Piva canyon valley in the east, the valley of the Sutjeska sjeverui Vrbnice west and the valley to the south. Those valleys, which must be added to dry valley, are a real treasure for visitors attractiveness of different landscapes: from the glittering shoals cascading over green valley side, uskuh cliffs and rocky perimeter of the high plateau, the highest peaks carved glacial erosion.

VOLUJAK (1.997 m)

Volujak is a mountain located in the southeast Plužina. The highest peak at 1,997 m is Volujak. Aspect from the top Volujaka reveals little-known plastics of this not-so-high mountains. On the north side, behind the dubodoline a limestone emerges nameless juniper covered with a hip height of 1,940 m. In the harbor, to the east, over the Montenegrin bay, dotted with rocky and grass ćuvici ridge of high hills of the City (k. 1,963 m) and Mramor (1,920 m), behind which, on the north side, horrific hail Valley, tested at least part of the mountain.

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