Through Piva flow of the river Komarnica, Piva and Vrbnica, while bordering river Tara.

River Tara

With its158 kilometers, the Tara is the longest river in Montenegro and one of the most beautiful and challenging in Europe and in the World! The Tara River is particularly attractive with its 69 whirlpools, on which is converted to foam, swirl, the omnipotent power, which makes it very challenging for tourists. For its vibrancy and unique landscape, the attractiveness of its strong flow, with whirlpools and springs (about 15 large), with numerous rapids, in its richness of flora and fauna, relict and endemic species, the Tara Canyon is unmatched in the world. Unique canyon known worldwide as the deepest and steepest river canyon in Europe and capricious mountain river attracts many tourists from around the world. Tara is the wildest, most beautiful and cleanest rivers of the old continent. Due to its cleanliness is called "Tear of Europe".

River Komarnica

The Komarnica River is a part of the Piva River and flows through the valley of Dragisnica which is abundant in various plants. The Canyon Nevidio is 3.500 meters long and it is deep, on average, 150 meters, with waterfalls over 100 meters and the narrow sides which are only 2-3 meters away from each other. This canyon was named Nevidio because you can not see the river flow up from its edge. The Nevidio Canyon is a pearl of Montenegrin nature and the attraction for those who enjoy the challenge.

River Piva

The Piva River flows through the exquisitely wonderful and deep canyon, but its greatest part was submerged by the construction of Hydro Power Plant Piva. In Scepan Polje the Piva River joins the Tara River and they form the Drina River. The canyons of these rivers are deep and incisive into the rocky terrain and they represent the natural attraction of the world- wide importance.

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