Historical Monuments

The testimonies of times past and a warning to future generations

Memorial - complex in Doli

07. June 1943. members occupying Division "Prinz Eugen" in the third enemy offensive in World War II conducted a mass slaughter of the population from the village Dube, Miljkovci, Bukovac, Záborie, Rudinica and Seljana.

The total number of victims is about 520, of whom 107 children. The largest number of victims was from fraternity Blagojevic (about 200).

The memorial complex was built in 1976, and by his sculptor Luka Tomanovic. At the initiative of brotherhood Blagojevic was built in 2006 and consecrated a chapel in which the parchment inscribed with the names of all the victims of fascist terror in Piva.

Castle of Duke Lazar Socica

At the plateau Goransko is the Castle of Duke Lazar Socica.This castle was built in the second half of the 19th century by the famous duke of Piva, Lazar Socica. Lazar Socica excelled himself in many battles and uprisings against the Turks. He was famous not only in Piva but throughout Montenegro and Herzegovina. He distinguished himself with courage, boldness, speed and because of that the king Nikola called him Munjica.

The tower at that time was the largest in Piva and one of the largest and most beautiful in Montenegro. No wonder that on one occasion, when he was visiting Piva, Jovan Cvijic said it was the tower with the most beautiful view in the Balkans.

The tower was constructively repaired five or six years ago and plans for the next few years are to complete recoveries on the building and to develop appropriate cultural and historical content (ethno museum, a memorial room, etc.)..

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