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Tourist households in the park ``Piva``

Welcome to tourist household Vukovic!

TYou should visit Pluzine. In the street leading towards Piva Lake, tucked into the greenness, unobtrusive and calm but reliable, warm and friendly just like the eyes of the fisherman born near the river, there has been for about fifteen years Café "Zvono". Well known by homemade mead, successful shows, rock and jazz concerts during summer nights which are fresh and quiet due to scent of the mountains and flashes of the Piva River. "Zvono" is a resting place for all generations, but also the starting point for nature lovers and researchers. It is not easy to decide: one-day trips, combination of Lake Cruise, swimming, recreational hiking, rafting, fishing or two-day programs. Attraction to attraction. Camping in the canyon, lunch in a cave that can be reached only by boats, villages and pastures, springs... Homemade food and drink. They think of each detail in “Zvono”. With special sense of beauty that does not boast so even more shine you will have a memorable time in cafe and on trips. They will remind you that you should sometimes relax yourself. They will show you what life free of rush, noise and obligations looks like. Actually, you will find out what the simple and beautiful life is as healthy as the Piva River trout and as sweet as mead .

Tourist households Vukovic
81435 Plužine, Montenegro
Tel: +382(69)531319
Tel: +382(69)471893

Welcome to the tourist farm "Jokanovic"

Rural household 'Jokanovic "is located in the village of Trs, midway between Plužine and Zabljak, at an altitude of 1470 meters. With the fresh mountain air, beautiful landscapes rough Montenegrin mountains, which rise proudly above our hut, varied flora and fauna, an oasis of peace and tranquility, your stay with us will enhance the local traditional food and hospitality Jokanović Milan boss and his family. Ethno Village "Jokanovic 'is an ideal opportunity to get away from everyday life and the summer heat, and feel what it means fresh, unpolluted air and rest, or indeed. If, however, an adventurous spirit, you will be delighted by the offer resorts and activities that we offer. This was particularly true on an unforgettable rafting on Tara River, Montenegro detection of wild beauty on horseback or detour around the area of ​​the lake is also a biciklima.Pivsko nezaobilznu tour and an ideal view of fascinating natural creations resulting from the action of opposing forces of the country. Our offer also jeep safari. In the village Trsa are frequent and various events in which everyone can participate and which reinforce traditional ethnic sense, as the manifestation "Days of Blueberries." In rural domaćinsvu "Jokanovic 'except restaurants and three loose-fitting, traditional huts with two beds, we offer accommodation in three five-bed apartments. Mali accommodation capacity karantuje luxury and a strong commitment to each guest, as well as peace and tranquility to all who need it.

Tel.: +382 67 839 358

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